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About us

The Bartek Candles company has been on the market and has been offering unique decorative candles since 1992. Year by year, our range of products is made wider and wider to offer you even more unusual colours, shapes and designs.

The Bartek Candles company was established by Janusz and Małgorzata Bryłkowski as a family enterprise. Therefore, the manufacture of candles is something special for us - it means more than just a work. It is our greatest passion. We are proud of our hand-decorated and scented candles. We are one of the leading producers of candles with LEDs in Europe.

Why should you trust our products and us?

  • Long experience confirmed with our presence on the market (18 years of business activity)
  • Tradition in trade
  • The manufacture of candles is our greatest passion and therefore we put our hearts and souls into it.
  • The highest quality of offered products.
  • Attractive prices.
  • Wide offer for distributors and business partners.
  • Wide range of products - unique shapes, colours and designs.
  • Our goal is the development of our products and their ever-increasing quality.
  • Flexibility in business contacts.
  • We are one of the leading producers of candles with LEDs in Europe.

Exceptional business partner
The Bartek Candles company is a flexible business partner. The products offered by us are supplied to the chains of supermarkets, large and smaller warehouses in many distant European cities. If you are also looking for a reliable partner who seeks mutual advantage, we encourage you to start the cooperation with us.

Tailored offer
The offer of Bartek Candles comprises over 120 series of candles divided into collections. To satisfy the expectations of our clients, we have made every effort to prepare such an offer which is attractive to everybody. Unique designs, shapes and features of candles made by Bartek Candles make us a recognised producer of paraffin products not only in Poland but also in 20 other European countries.

Bartek Candles suppliers
The Bartek Candles company cooperates with unique people and therefore we are proud of the best suppliers of ingredients for our products. Scents, dyes and lacquers used in the production of our candles are of the highest quality and have necessary safety certificates. The paraffin used has the RAL certificate.